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Khemraj Puri
Khemraj took to the streets at the age of 6 when he couldn’t tolerate his family’s poor conditions and wasn’t given enough to eat or wear. He was involved in all sorts of sniffing and smoking habits as a child. Rescued by a Swiss NGO, Khemraj was able to have that quality education which has made him a suitable global citizen. He has had the privilege of living and studying in Australia for five consecutive years with his own hard-earned money. A hard-working and dedicated individual, Khemraj was the one to point out that these kids needed help and he was going around taking photographs of poor children on the streets. Thus, we were able to set up a team with his help to promote the project.

Khemraj’s story was also published by BBC and one can still read the story on the BBC. He was involved in a lot of field works and had attended a professional training on videography and photography. He used these skills to develop stories on poverty-stricken children and thus rescue many children from the streets and enroll them into a Swiss Foundation run by a French INGO in Kathmandu.

Shivraj Basnet

I was grown up in Bal Mandir (Nepal Children Organisation),run by the government. I didn’t know from where and how I came there I didn’t know my parents.I used to think that the care takers were my parents later when I grew up at the age of 9 I found out that I am an orphan I also came to know that my mother died when i was 6 months and father died when I was 1 year old. Neighbor uncle brought me to this orphanage.

I got my school level education from Bal Mandir and struggle to support my studies and living when I left that orphanage, I had very tough times those days. Now I am working as ECA teacher in Himali Boarding School. I am also a very active member of TTOF. I would like to help the children who are deprived of getting education and food specially needy and abuse street children. I like to curse the government for being such ignorant to the helpless children.

I have seen many government sector that intend to be working for rescuing all these homeless and street children but then when I go out in the street I see all these streets children around me. I don’t have a big dream to be a wealthy man in future’ but I wish to serve these needy kids for rest of my life.

Prem Bogati

I was born in a remote village (far western of Nepal) in 1988.I don’t remember but some of my relatives told me that my father died in an accident when I was just a year old. In the same year my mother died with some kind of disease, after that two incident I totally became an orphan. My uncle and aunt looked after me until the age of 7 after that I was sent to work in a hotel to clean the dishes. Life used to be very difficult to work as a child but then I didn’t have other option for my survival.

Thanks to that district officer from our village who saw me working in a hotel, he then rescued me from there. since I was orphan he refer me to Nepal Children’s Organization (Bal Mandir) where orphan children were given shelter, after becoming the part of Bal Mandir I got chance to study in an English medium school. I started working hard in my studies and pass my SLC examination in first division. Again another twist came in my life. Bal Mandir used to support the children till SLC (Grade 10) and we had to leave the Organization and do on our own. I wanted to continue my studies and it was not possible without financial support so, I started going on asking for help and luckily, Prabina Foundation (another private organization who works for helpless and orphan children) helped me for two years to complete my higher education. After completing grade XII I started working in a boarding school as a math teacher along with my further studies. After so many ups and down in my life now I am working as an accountant in Himali Boarding School.

I am also very happy to be one of the Founder Members of TTOF whatever I earn my surplus goes to TTOF. We are young and energetic team of former victim of streets. We dream to rescue the drug abuse streets children and give them good future like we got. After having many difficulties to register TTOF we are able to register it in all ground of government. Now we already have some streets kids going to school after the completion of their stay in drug rehabilitation center there are more. There are hundreds of these kids in the street of different part of Nepal. The Foundation aims to rescue as many more as it can if the funds could be collected from different sources.