Arvind Darji

Age: 9
Country: Nepal
Lives With: TTOF

I and my elder brother have been victims of extreme poverty and are looking forward to joining a school which loves children and provides extra care for special cases such as ours. Most of our childhood has been wasted in sniffing dendrite and getting high. We sometimes smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol with the money earned by begging in buses travelling on the highway.

The girl who taught us how to get high with dendrite-sniffing is in jail now because she killed a young kid with a rod forced into the young guy’s neck.

Our father raped a minor girl a few years back and has been jailed in Biratnagar. Our mother has been out of touch for a long time and we don’t even have hopes that she will be helping with our accommodation, food and education.

Now after one month at the Alkapuri Rehabilitation Center, I feel like a different human being and want to hone my talents for my future with the help of the Foundation, which has established a home for kids like me. I don’t have a fixed sponsor yet but the Foundation has promised not to let our lives get back to the streets. I love it here as my family cannot even give us enough to eat.