Raju Siba

Age: 10
Country: Nepal
Lives With: TTOF

I have one sister who is 7 years old and stays with my mother. I had a small brother who died at birth. My mother is an alcoholic and has no money to go to the hospital and it’s simply because of negligence that she isn’t healthy at all. I don’t like to go to school because I was harassed by the other boys and I don’t like to stay with my mother as there is nothing to eat. My father doesn’t do anything; previously, he used to work as a laborer in big buildings for construction purposes and is another drunkard. People do not trust him as he is always drunk and not reliable.

I started to live on the streets 2 years back. I am happy and satisfied in the streets, where at least we get to manage for food anyhow; I have 7 friends with me now. We were more than 15 last year, but I don’t know where they vanished slowly.

Now after one month at the Alkapuri Rehabilitation Center, I feel like a different human being and want to hone my talents for my future with the help of the Foundation, which has established a home for kids like me.