The Twin Otters – Phoenix House (Opening)

And yes, we are rising like a Phoenix! The Twin Otters was established in 2016, the kids of TTOF were living in the house of Mr Sukdev Lamichhane Founder Member of TTOF. Though the kids were… Read More

Street kids in danger situation

TTOF recently visited more street children from Jhapa and  Morang. They need to be rescued as fast as possible as they are willing to go to rehabilitation center and come to school after seeing their friend's… Read More

Street Girl

Maili, a street girl is known by everyone in the kapan area sleeps in front of the banglamukhi temple with another homeless alcoholic old man. Though everyone from boudha to kapan knows this girl no… Read More

Bishow goes to school

Bishow Gole, son of a raped victim started to go to school from October. He is very happy with the other kids in TTOF as he got chance to go to school,play with the other… Read More

New Clothes For Streets Children

TTOF is very thankful to Khadga Phago(A political Leader) for distributing new clothes to the children. While,the people celebrating festival this kind man thought of the homeless kids and fed them a delicious meal also… Read More

Rape Case

Bishow Gole age Nine is brought to TTOF from okhrani his mother Jiri tamang handicaped by birth got raped by Kalu when she was collecting firewood from forest nearby. Villagers forcefully made him to married… Read More

The Kids Start Schooling

With the success of the rehabilitation center and the rigorous grooming of the three street kids, namely, Raju, Prabin and Arvind, we would like to notify everyone that the kids have started going to a… Read More

Out of the Rehab

Our three kids, Arvind, Prabin and Raju have completed their treatment at the Alkapuri Rehabilitation Center and are now staying at the Foundation's Home for Kids in Faika, Kapan. The kids will start academic training from the… Read More

The First Group of Kids

  With the advice of the Department of Women, Children and Social Welfare of the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare and all legal permissions, the Foundation has rescued three kids from the streets… Read More

Belt Promotion in Taekwondo

TTOF children got promoted to yellow belt in Taekwondo. Every 3 months they have their exam in Taekwondo. In 4 years time, they will complete their Black Belt and able to teach or instruct in… Read More