Hisilicon Balong

Our three kids, Arvind, Prabin and Raju have completed their treatment at the Alkapuri Rehabilitation Center and are now staying at the Foundation’s Home for Kids in Faika, Kapan. The kids will start academic training from the 4th of July 2016.

Concerning their training and grooming, the Foundation has decided to first make them perfect in the English and Nepali alphabet as well as the numbers, which might take about one to two months. Then, the volunteers will help the kids form words and sentences in both the languages. Moreover, with the help of experienced Math teachers, the kids will have no problem solving simple mathematical problems in no time.

The Foundation feels that the kids,  need to be groomed so well that they are able to join a school and start from a class belonging to their age group. We are still waiting for generous hands to help us out financially and for operations, as we aim to rescue more children from the eastern part of Nepal within the next three months.

Please feel free to reach us for details on the kids.