Maili, a street girl is known by everyone in the kapan area sleeps in front of the banglamukhi temple with another homeless alcoholic old man. Though everyone from boudha to kapan knows this girl no one seems to help her , her father died in the street and she has no where to go. she begs around boudha stupa and spend the money in alcohol. People says she is abnormal but we found she just speak nonsense when she drinks too much. We also came to know that community health post gives her anti- pregnancy injection every three months.

We have asked help to different NGO working for women to put her in the rehabilitation center but all of them replied that they don’t have budget for this year. Thanks to NAG a project where TTOF founder got education from, helped with medical last week and willing to pay for three months rehabilitation cost. TTOF is looking for the sustainable place for her so that she does not have to come back to street anymore.