Make a Donation

Your single, monthly or memorial donation helps children grow up safe, healthy and h2.

Sponsor a Child

Select from two high-impact sponsorship options!

  • Sponsor a child for just $100 per month which is enough for his education, living, food and other supplies, or
  • Help support the child by donating an amount at one go.


Raise awareness and raise funds through self-initiated campaigns for sustainable, community-led development that targets the long-term well-being of children, families and communities.

Other Ways to Help

Workplace Initiatives

Make a difference to children affected by poverty by establishing a workplace giving program. Alternatively, learn how your organization can attain its philanthropic goals by becoming The Foundation’s Corporate Partner.


Volunteers are an important part of the team here at The Twin Otters Foundation. Volunteering to help with administrative work in our Kathmandu office is a great way to make a difference while gaining practical skills and experience.

Books and/or Supplies

You can also help by providing books, clothes, shoes, playthings and other materials necessary for children between the ages of 3 and 14.